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Cory’s MAGIC Walia December 2, 2009

Karamjeet Ahluwalia better known as Cory Walia is one of the best known people in the makeup business not just in India but internationally.

Just like any bride to be who wants the best for herself on her wedding, I decided I won’t settle for anything less than him. Not because he is no.1 but because I had liked the way he had done make-up for brides (Raveena Tandon, Mallika Zayed Khan etc.) They looked elegant, beautiful yet there was a touch of drama! Oooh I love drama! No fun without it I say. So here I was trying to trace the most famous and most talented make-up artist in the country. I did manage to get him to do it for my wedding day and boy was I glad or was I glad. He looked after me like I was his little sister. I swear! He was more than an artist. Very few people are aware that he is an excellent chef, can speak in many languages, is so well-read and well-informed is more warm than hot butter on toast and has wit that will put intellectuals to shame.

I can easily say he is one of the finest human beings I have met and a bride who decides to choose him and manages to get him for their make-up will be one lucky girl. I can’t thank him enough – for all the love, warmth, personal touch, advice, fun, laughter that he gave me on my wedding day and made it a day more memorable than it could ever be…. Thankyou!

P.S.  He is also a face reader and passionate about astrology. Don’t be surprised if he is bang on with your zodiac sign the moment you enter the room!

(Call Cory: Flat Number 11, 6Th Floor, Sunaina Apartment, 16th Road, Near Rajesh Khanna Garden, Santacruz West, 022 26004689)

Make-up artists:

– Vipul Bhagat 98 200 55 381

– Ifti                     98 201 25643

– Shivani Malik (


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