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Debutante Damsel ! December 2, 2009

Heard of Alyque Padamsee? Ofcourse you have. The Ad guru of India. Now, he has a pretty pretty daughter Miss Shazahn Padamsee who you will see in the upcoming film Rocket Singh Salesman of the year.

She can safely come into the category of  PYT(Pretty young thing). Can she act? We don’t know. But can she make all the guys drool? Sure thing. Those deep eyes lined with kohl and well toned figure, always dressed like a teenage princess – aah I like her carefree clothing – it suits her age.

You must have seen her as the face of many brands but off late the girl seems to be under wraps, could be due to the movie releasing next week. Haven’t spotted her lately at parties in pictures, nah, no luck. But I did manage to locate the link of her website (still under construction)!
Looks great Shahzahn! We can’t wait to see the website go live and your movie release on Dec 11th!


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