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Vidya wows again…. December 2, 2009


After the movie Parineeta, I don’t remember being touched or moved or even remembering Vidya Balan or her performances. She isn’t a bad actress at all but I guess all that experimentation with her look in Kismat Konnection and Hey Babbyyy didn’t quite do the trick!

What’s making me blog about her now? Her look in Paa the film. The much awaited film of the Bachchan parivaar has Ms. Balan look fresh and fun!

Iam not surprised that Sabyasachi Mukherjee is behind the transformation! He has designed to bring out her real essence and it shows.

She is seen wearing simple, conventional yet stylish and Bohemian clothes that gel with her personality. Lots of chunky bangles with a thick watch, a cloth hair band, long flaired skirts, layered tops. It’s all for you to see. I think she looks beautiful and she has brought back the Vidya people fell in love with when they saw her in Parineeta. Wanna get Vidya’s look? Hmm. Let me see. For her jewelery, you will find everything in Colaba Causeway,¬† just walk on the street and you will discover it.¬† Even streets of Bandra and Lokhandwala are good for this but Colaba Causeway is where you can bargain and getaway! As far as the skirts and jackets are concerned, look for the long skirts at Fab India, Cotton Cottage, Cotton World, Cottons in Bandra. Jackets? Bring your old pull overs out. You can also head to Benetton, they have some pretty stuff for the winter season and so does Monte carlo. Log on to


2 Responses to “Vidya wows again….”

  1. Diksha Says:

    She desperatelyyy needed a makeover!der was a whole article in BT the other day about it!

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