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Quirky n Qt? December 4, 2009

When I started this blog – I promised myself and to all of you to only bring you the most fun, cute, quirky and stylish things to your computer/laptop/mac book (Macbook considers itself to be supreme and a little different from machines)

So here Iam fulfilling this promise yet again. Tappu ki dukaan is a new store all set to open doors in Sobo. This one will have an assortment of items from Haathi Chaap, Happily Unmarried, Mukul Goel, Mixed Juice Design, Pop goes the art, Yasmin Sethi et al. I know some of these names but I couldnt care so long as I get to see something interesting in here. Iam quite looking forward to the opening as am always on the look out for querrrrkkhhhy stuff. Give me the good stuff coz I got the quirks!

Tappu ki dukaan?

27-A, Kermani Building, Mezzanine floor, Sir P.M. Road, Fort, Opposite Citibank and ahead of The Bombay Store

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