Girly Hour

Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

Dance. Prance. December 5, 2009


Hey there. How is the Saturday treating you so far? Iam truly tied up with work and there is no way out (not like am looking for one) Yesterday night I had a great dinner at Global Fusions at Bandra. A phenomenal spread of Sushi and the wine was excellent too (Don’t ask us for the bill – we are still regretting it) During the dinner we spotted Shiamak Davar and his key dancer Aneesha Dalal. You know the girl who also played the choreographer in the movie “Rab ne bana di jodi” and is always at centrestage in all performances? She looked as gorgeous (if not more) as she does on stage. Dressed in black with big n bold gold danglers in her ears (I love big n bold gold danglers) she was the hogging the limelight even though she wasn’t dancing. A versatile and talented dancer, Aneesha has been with the Shiamak troupe for as long as I can remember. I still recall seeing her on the cover of a teenage magazine while I was still in school and she had said “Boyfriends are ok but only for a while” and a few years ago RJ and actress Tarana Raja Kapoor, also an ex-member of Shiamak’s troupe said something on radio about Aneesha on how she is the only person she knows who looks pretty even when she has just got out of bed in the morning. What can we say! The girls got the looks and she can move n groove – way to go!


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