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Yours or mine? December 5, 2009

Me n mine ! Its a store in Juhu and now also at Bandra. What they got? All Indian traditional and party wear like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga cholis. After scouting through dozens of stores all through Sobo and suburbs last year, I zeroed down a pink – sequined salwar kameez from Me and Mine at Juhu. What’s really good about this store? The customer service and after sales service. Iam not such a big fan of their saree or lehenga choli collection, although if you like wearing heavy Indian salwar kameez, you could perhaps find something you like. I went after a year to get some finishing done and they were happy to do it (Praveen Parakh the store manager/owner) and were very pleasant about the whole thing. I think that’s important. Even if I don’t want to go to that store, I still will because I know someone there cares about my happiness and will do something if am not satisfied. Customer is king ! (In this case “Princess”) and Me & Mine seems to have understood that right.  I guess other stores must learn from this and care to give another look at the garment if the customer brings it back and accept that its as much a garment theirs as its mine. If you too wanna go and shop there, its right next to Kimaya in Juhu, a little after Sea Princess Hotel. Me N Mine Designer Studio. sagarika apts 4, juhu tara road, mumbai 400049, maharashtra. p: 2226144367. In Bandra, they are at 31 Link Square Mall, 33 off  Linking road, Near KFC restaurant.


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