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Saturday Stood up December 6, 2009

Sometimes when you get stood up, its a good thing. There is so much you can do! For instance, get an upper lip done, pick up a magazine off the street and read in peace, pay your bills, withdraw some money, phone a friend or mom and catch up, window shop, the list is endless. I was made to wait endlessly yesterday at Churchgate and I got so much work done – boy am glad I had to wait. First thing’s first, I picked up Femina magazine off the street and flipped through fashion, fun recipes, latest luxury and shopping items. I then helped my way to Kaysons across the street where I discovered some delightful corsets for the shaadi season, some reasonably good sarees, kurtis, shrugs et al. After this I realized I hadn’t visited the salon for a while, so I reluctantly started marching towards this Salon called Soundarya at Nagin Mahal near Mocha. It seemed closed or shut down, but I still tried and opened the door, viola! it was full and they had place for one more. Luckily I just needed to do some threading so that went quick and the salon is quite reasonable. I mean if you don’t really care about the frills and the assistant serving you tea and coffee; I would rush to this one whenever I need an urgent service and I know it won’t cost me a bomb and I will be treated fair even if  Iam not carrying an LV along!

Lastly, (you are going to love this) I perched myself on Marine Drive, got some chana jor garam, a bottle of water and just read for pleasure!


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