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Phoenixing December 7, 2009

Love it ! I mean look at the place. It’s got the brands, the food, the glitz, the glam, the people who you never meet but always run into and sometimes want to runaway from (including ex-flames and college crushes)

Yesterday I went to Phoenix mills after a rehhheally long time (told you was busy with the wedding coming up and am doing a jig on the sangeet, no no not solo and also the match kept me occupied) You know what always catches my eye – Karigar, a small stall (actually a cart) on the corner right outside Grand Galleria has a beautiful variety of costume danglers – the ones you can put on with a saree or salwar kameez or fusion wear and you are all set ! No other accessory needed. Those big ones with or without stones, the hoops, jhoomkas, the kashmiri ear-rings, all these only for Rs 1500/- A steal  I say, now I wonder why they are so cheap? Is it because they don’t have a store in the mall or is it the quality? Or am I pessimistic shopper? What do you feel?


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