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Pokey Professional December 7, 2009

What do I mean by that? No am not talking about the facebook pokes. What’s the point of that anyway! Someone pokes you and then you poke them back then they poke you again and again you poke them back. The poking continues. No hellos. No greetings. No pleasantries. Its just plain poking. What’s the point of all this poking? Someone tell me pretty please.

Sushi plays pokey

Sushmita Sen was recently shooting for a movie called Dulha Mil Gaya and apparently in one of the songs her outfit was so uncomfortable that it kept poking her all over. But Sush stayed shush and didn’t utter a word about it. She shot the song with her lips sealed (like a true professional) although at the end of it the pretty dressed had poked her and left her all bruised. I can’t wait to see Sush strut her stuff in the song and of course the dress and why is it pokey I wonder?

Has it ever happened to you? I think it has to me – not exactly the poking part but uncomfortable dresses that I have tried to get into to look good – hell yes! Would love to know your story!


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