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Flowy n Feminine! Flirty n Fun! December 9, 2009

Smooth n soft. Subtle n supple. Silky n Sultry. How we love free flowing and fun outfits, they make you feel at ease, put you in a good mood instantly, relax and soothe and spoil you completely. Just like you were on vacation at a luxury resort somewhere. You smart girlie you! You got it! Am talking about resort wear – someday I’d love to have my own resort wear collection – it will have lots of pinks, blues, gold and silver, not so much black- a lot of fun bright colors that make you happy! Until I get close to that plan, I have one ready plan for you to go to:

Ensemble at Kemps Corner is showcasing their resort collection.  On 10th December, 11am to 8pm. The designer list includes Ramona Narang’s Debut Label ‘Bella by Ramona’ & Wendell Rodricks’ ‘Bossa Nova’ Collection in addition to Alecca Carrano Malini Ramani Morphe by Amit Aggarwal Sanchita Savio Jon Urvashi Kaur Small S…hop Kishmish Pankaj & Nidhi Ahuja Ranji Kelkar.

(White hall, ground floor, West wing, next to Shalimar hotel, 143 August Kranti marg, Kemps Corner. Phone:  23 67 24 18)

P.S. If you are traveling on your honeymoon to an exotic destination, invest in one of the above designer delights and you won’t regret it !


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