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Have a MANGO this Christmas! December 10, 2009

No the fruit silly! The Mango for the girlies. The uber chic dresses, the snooty pants and the “look at me” clutches, the big bold boho bags, the “I look pretty” shoes and lots more! Still haven’t got that Christmas dress? You better head to the MANGO Christmas collection, you can come back with some bright ideas and head to your local tailor or even return with a pretty dresses to flaunt this season! What’s more you could be sipping wine and looking at lovely outfits, aah! I think am calling them and putting my name on the guest list. Who wouldn’t wanna do that! And hey its Christmas time – make the most of it šŸ™‚ And no Iam not leaving you without giving away the where and the who. Scroll down!
Tetris & Mango Invite you to an Exclusive Preview for the launch of the Christmas Collection @ C’est La Vie – The Living Room..

Come Join us for a combined experience of booze and shopping this Saturday.

For Guestlist Contact:

Camya: 9819561136
Rohan: 9821099430
Siddharth: 9820851259


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