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Of brides and christmas trees…! December 16, 2009

Ofcourse they are! Infact, I just got done with this big fat family wedding extravaganza where the bride looked stunning on all occasions. You know the classy brides who want to look good but never go ott with their look. They get everything right, it just comes naturally to them to look graceful. She was one of those elegant brides (and thank god for that!) I mean just because its your wedding day, you don’t have to look like a Christmas tree right ! (I got myself a Christmas Tree! Yay! Only for Rs 100 from Abdul Rehman Street, a steal I tell you!) So back to the brides, I got hold of Shaleen’s bridal pic (Shaleen of Shaleen and Daljeet fame) they recently tied the knot. Also, there is Neha Marda’s pic, nice outfit, brides to be will be able to appreciate this one!

The traditional Rajasthani mang tikka and the pink and orange combo that most brides love!


2 Responses to “Of brides and christmas trees…!”

  1. Niv Says:

    I too love the outfits and jewelry in baalika vadhu..Sad, I don’t find them in any markets..Any suggestions??

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hi Niv! You do find them in the market. If you are in Mumbai, head to Santacruz west station and you will find dozens of stores with elaborate jewellery like you see in these programs. Feel free to email me incase you need more shopping advice! Cheers! 🙂

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