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Pert professional December 18, 2009

That’s what I like to be. Precise. Purely professional. (A little pretty maybe?) Poised to perform etc. While at work, I don’t want to be bothered about the slit on the side or the low neckline or even the frills or the bright color that is distracting me or my co-workers (in this case students also) so its extremely imperative that I choose clothes that are simple, stylish, no-nonsense, well fitted and crisp (but not too tight on obvious places) and clothes that reflect professionalism and nothing else. Now I know it can be hard to get these kind of clothes, but trust me after all these years, I have managed to spot the right shops. Before I lead you to the list of stores, Mother Earth has come up with their new collection called Spna – it looks Tres chic. Where else can you pick some stuff up?

– Van Heusen, Inorbit Mall

– Park Avenue Woman, Infiniti Mall

– Fab India, Kala Ghoda

– Cotton Cottage (Lokhandwala Andheri W, Colaba, Khar w)

– Golmaal boutique, Lokhandwala complex Andheri W

– Anita Dongre (Juhu, Phoenix Mills Lower Parel)

P.S. Oh ! and my friend Anaka has some interesting line of winter collection where you might like some things for your formal office wear. It’s


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