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This bride’s a bomb ! December 19, 2009

Did you see what Shilpa Shetty wore for her wedding ceremonies? Hmm. A little unconventional I know,  but so sexy it hurts. Well ofcourse

Ms. Shetty Kundra has one of the best bods in the industry now so anything you put her in comes looking like a million zillion bucks. What’s in it for you? If you couldn’t stop drooling over her clothes, you can have them too. Tarun Tahiliani and Anmol Jewellers in Mumbai put together her wedding trousseau and they bounced this idea off Shilpa. Guess what? She agreed! So tell all your friends with the deep pockets as all this maal is going to cost you a bomb.  Ready to pay a bomb to look like one? Be my guest.


One Response to “This bride’s a bomb !”

  1. ry Says:

    the jewelry and the garment doesn’t match.
    jewelry is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E, so is the garment.

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