Girly Hour

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I dig you. December 22, 2009

You know when the world wants to take a dig at you. Everyone seems to be pushing you over the edge. They are all trying to tell you what’s wrong and what you are doing bad rather than anything nice about you. Urgh! I hate that feeling. I know you do too. I don’t want to bore with the bad stuff. So let’s talk about the good stuff 🙂 shall we?  Pooja Pariani sent me an invite (Pooja Pariani of the funky Christmassy Clutches remember? Go look at my blog archives) for Olive Christmas Souk! Its an event at Olive Bandra – where you can wine and dine and expect to bag some super deals on clutches and clothes and other goodies. Pack them home for yourself or better still wrap them up for your friends and family as Christmas presents! Ho! Ho! Ho! Looks like Santa is off to a shopping spree 😉


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