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The end is near December 26, 2009


No am not getting pessimistic. I mean to say the end of 2009 is near. 2010 is sure to bring a whole new world and wealth of experiences (I hope it does!) Another year has gone by and I still don’t have a tattoo and a piercing. It sucks. Either I get it done before 31st or I get it done the first thing the world enters 2010. Enough is enough! Too much contemplation is not good for anyone. If you want it get it now.

I know I have been away – the year end work has kept me on my toes (and more) but I have never stopped the scouting and shopping (can’t do without it. No I can’t) So I did come across a couple of interesting places and brands that you might want to give a shot! Mustang – a new German based brand has come into India. I spotted them at the Shoppers Stop at Inorbit Mall. It mostly had cool casual wear. Tees (Put up the pic of the tee I tried) that fit you a little below the waist (longish ones), jersey tops, tie-ups on the site and all. Very reasonably priced. Tees start from 499/- (Cheap as compared to other brands) They were quite well fitted and were excellent to wear day in and day out. Also now Charles and Keith is also available within the ShopperStop premises along with other assorted brands. Lastly, RIG Clothing (I love their army pants and cargo fittings so comfy I tell you!) at Sobo Central have some interesting collection of trousers. Please give the tees a miss. So that’s the update as of now. What are your plans for 31st? Rocking it but where? Tell tell ! I wanna know all you are upto, the clothes you are shopping for and where from. Until then, party hard but party smart. Hire a Phd Call us at 6525-6521, 6525-6522 if you are planning to drink or better still leave your car and take a She cab (44 333 222).


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