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Your karma will save you! December 30, 2009

If you have been a bad bad girl – you better run for cover! All the girls with good shopping karma, wear a big smile on your face as Karma Kola and Drama Queen in Bandra is having the year end sale only for today 30th of Dec09 and 31st Dec 09 to get you all dolled up for New Year’s eve or your New Year’s day brunch – (whichever applicable).

Pretty Prices

They have dresses at flat prices for Rs 1250/- and Rs 2000/- I know for most of you that’s a tad expensive but that’s what happens when we decide to wait for the last minute.  Hey did I tell you about my Christmas Shopping Spree? I have to. Look out for my next post!

P.S. Call 98 200 77 97 1 for the two stores above! Happy Neweearrr 🙂


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