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Christmas Value Buy ! December 31, 2009

I decided to go a little frugal this Christmas! When I mean frugal I mean giving up the desire to buy expensive shoes, bags, accessories (but still buy the cheaper ones)  Last minute party invites can really put pressure on your girly brain and compel you to do things that you wouldnt have other wise. So I was forced into a corner to buy things looking back am not sure I really like them so much.

Christmas Crunch !

1- A half sleeve overlapping red top

(Price Rs 755, Golmaal Lokhandwala Complex)

Its comfortable, wearable. Can be dressed up or down but still doesn’t have a usp that will make it sell itself instantly. If you know what I mean.

2- A pair of pumps (this ones a good good value buy from Linking road street) All for Rs 450/ – sorry you can’t bargain at this store. I wanted a pair of black pumps since a long time, you know the ones that just go with anything.

3- A snug top for winter ( I picked this one from Wills. I must say they have upped the cool and chic quotient which was lacking for months. They are back stylish tops, well-fitted clothing, flattering forms and the colors are suited for the season)  All for Rs 1200/- this one will last you a long time. Its a printed top half sleeves but with kitted material.

So now am atleast set for the winter with my brand new tops and stylish pair of pumps which I must say am very proud of for obvious reasons.

Did you too bag a good bargain this season? Tell me all about it! Oh and before I forget! Happy Holidays Everyone ! 🙂


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