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Flutter into 2010 December 31, 2009

Excited to embrace 2010? Me too. I have so many plans. And I want to get so much stuff. The new brands, travel to new place buy more stuff. Gosh I can’t wait. I have these lists and I have been making them for so long now. I think 2010 will be a good year for me – you know it amounts to no.3

I came across this ultra girlie cushion – which I want you to have this New Year! It’s got a beauteous butterfly on it and if you like you can have it named as well. Ain’t that awesome? Email them at or Dial them now on 98 20 61 09 21

But whatever you do, don’t get cushy in the New Year! Let go of complacency and let your wings loose, go fly a plane or bungee jump, live your life because I surely will. How will you know? Gorgeous Girlie will keep you posted about it all right here 🙂


3 Responses to “Flutter into 2010”

  1. Neha Gupta Says:

    Thank you for posting this cushion 🙂
    We at CushyCuscino can produce all sorts of cushions customised as per the client’s requirements. Call me on 9820610921 and lets fluff up your 2010 for you!

  2. Diksha Says:

    wow..dat’s something new!

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