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New Year’s eve foundation fiasco! January 2, 2010

Hi there! Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s eve and I wish and pray that the year up ahead is only going to get better. I know this blog is all about the good things but its also about girly things and I know what am about to share with you is something that you will be able to relate to (Its not as serious as it sounds. So chill!)

Clarins Liquid Foundation

I S-kinned !

I came out of town to spend New Year’s at a Vineyard party on 31st and in all the packing rush I forgot to get my own bottle of foundation. In all the excitement to look good and conceal the spots and achieve crystal clear skin for the evening I decided to borrow a foundation from a friend. I did not care about the brand, I did not look at the expiry date, I went ahead and used it up. Needless to say, I paid a price not on New Year’s eve but on New year’s day. I woke up to see Rudolph in the mirror ! It was an allergic reaction. Not only had I used a product which did not suit my skin, I had forgotten to wash it off before I went to sleep. I committed two S-KINS!

Lessons learnt !

If you have super sensitive skin like mine (even if you have normal skin) use products that suit your skin. Don’t experiment too much. Use tried and tested brands only. Consult dermatologists, skin care experts, read articles and tips on foundation for your skin type.

No matter how late in the night or how early in the morning you make it back home, never go to bed with the warpaint! It’s blasphemous.

Share your S-KIN Stories!

Have you too been a victim or warpaint on skin turning into a disaster? I would love to hear your stories.


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