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Bitten by the “ladybug” January 3, 2010

So we are in 2010 ! It feels different. It feels fresh. It is packed with promises galore and no one knows what’s in store (Clothing stores? Will tell you all about that) But that’s where the mystery and excitement lies right?

When it comes to my regular day wear clothing and outfits I wear to work and meetings, I don’t like excitement and mystery. I play safe. I stick to soft colors and also wear a lot of collars and checks.

I like my clothes to be smart, sophisticated (don’t want to make any wrong impressions) but I want them to be free, functional and the ones that can be worn immediately after a meeting to a girly get-together or to the movies, you know the transitory clothes. So am always on a look out for boutiques and stores both online and offline that will give me the good deals and not compromise on quality. With my quest, I landed upon LadyBug! (

A couple of things work for me here. No.1 they have  cash on delivery service as I don’t use credit cards. (Never had never will – a story I will save for a later post)  No. 2 They are so reasonably priced !

The dress you see in the pic is all for Rs 1575/- Now I didn’t say they are dirt cheap but for a dress that can be worn to multiple occassions and you can almost live in – its a small price to pay. Also look out for their jackets, summery sleevless dresses, tops et al.


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