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Go Girly! You can do it. January 4, 2010

That’s the sound in my head right now. I have  a set of New Year resolutions, most are new but some have been carried forward due to the lack of execution in the past year or so. Here goes!

Girlie needs gladiators: Good ones not the ones she won’t wear after she wore them twice but the ones that will take her places. To Virar and back and to the movies, to the friends birthday party, to shopping for a sport (ok that maybe pushing it) just gallivanting around all that. I have a few places in mind for Gladiators. Golmaal, Lokhandwala, CAC, Juhu, Charles and Keith and Tres Mode now the latter two names are a tad expensive but I feel the gladiators can be a good investment for me since Iam a flats person.

A nice nose ring: Now that was a big debate and I had a team supporting me and against me when I was dabbling with the decision last year. So it didn’t happen but this year, I will make it. It will be a small stud so nothing ott but its going to look sexy. I promise you.


Girli’es adventure streak: I have only been snorkeling yet which means I need to sky dive, scuba dive, rock climb and a lot more. I don’t know how it will happen and if it will happen but am going to try my best. One of the above is given this year! Iam going to look up and and ask them to fix me up real nice!

Red shoes!

I know you love the sound of them already. Peep toes or may be ballerinas or perhaps strappy sandles but then am getting Gladiators anyway. Or maybe I will get two types of strappy sandles. A red shoes for all you girls is a must too. You can really dress up a white shirt and a denim skirt with a pair of deep scarlet red shoes. Iam going to try the Linking road street at first and Colaba Causeway too, if I don’t find something good I will hit High Street. That’s right girlies on a budget this year. That doesn’t mean she won’t shop but she will shop for less.


I have many but I still need a new one. Something that fits me right, flatters me to a tee and “gets all eyes on me”! Don’t you all want one too? Ok now where am I going to get one from? I will be hitting all stores in Bandra for this one. From Butter to Just Phat, Drama Queen and Karma Cola, Mela, Izzo etc. Wills Lifestyle has its ways of surprizing you with good deals and great quality, I suggest myself to look here as well. Posh Clothing is another place I am going to scout for my LBD.

So those were my New Year (Girlie) Resolutions 2010! What are yours? Come one now spill the beans. Is it to hit on the guy next door or pick up a designer goodie? Let’s get all girlie about it!

Can’t wait to hear from ya ! 🙂

Signing off –

Have a “girlie” Year ahead!


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