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“Shopping in” the New Year ! January 10, 2010

It’s the second week of January already and am nowhere close to completing a single of my resolutions (Yes I’d like to be at it this time and get done atleast one a month. I know I maybe pushing it but I know that’s the only way it will move forward) Infact, I ended up breaking some of my resolutions of being the “budget babe” as I have gone and splurged. Gosh! I couldn’t control the urge. The sales just got to me you know, they were right there staring in the face. For starters, there was the FCUK sale at Vama in Peddar Road. What trousers! What colors! And the fits – don’t get me started. And then the dresses, the pull overs, the tees. I didn’t get them all but managed to get me a nice denim dress. Yes am a sucker for denim dresses (not jeans dresses) I love the fit. I’ve had them since I was a little girl and they are so smart and feminine. You can wear them with a top or without one, team it up with a pair of boots or stilettos and wear them just about anywhere you wish. How much I paid for it? A whopping Rs 2500/- Yes girlie went ga ga over this one – but am in control for the rest of the month. I swear. Iam. Btw the FCUK sale is on at all ShopperStop outlets and they have stuff to die for if you love the brand and the designs, you are going to love the price tags – i mean they are definitely less than the original price tag right? (That’s what we girls say when we can’t control ourselves) So where was I? The sales yea. Chemistry boutiques and Kazo is also on sale. You can expect to look out for denim skirts, chequered skirts and dresses at Chemistry and Kazo. Although I recommend the former this time for the stuff I stumbled upon. So yea, go ahead and start the New Year as you shop till you drop !


2 Responses to ““Shopping in” the New Year !”

  1. Diksha Says:

    which denim dress?!!

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