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Strawberries and cream January 17, 2010

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

Hey! Ssup! I had the most deeee whinnnne strawberries and cream at Panchgani on the weekend. You know what I was thinking, perhaps someone could name their store “Strawberries and cream” and maybe it could only have dresses in the colors of strawberries and cream and they could also let you have yumm strawberries and cream for free if you buy from them. Any takers? Ok back to what I was really gonna say. I decided to getaway this weekend.Yes, girly took a trip! It was a quick one though. I was back before I even settled in but nevertheless, the place was beautiful and if you were wondering whether I? Yes I did. I shopped. I finally got my gladiators! Can you believe it! A pair of awesome black gladiators for a steal. Rs 250 wonly! Can you beat that? And trust me the look doesn’t give away the price. Finally I can don those dresses and strap my sexy pair of black gladiators on. Yay! I can’t wait. Let me guess where I will wear them first. I could wear them this week when am meeting my girlfriends. Iam sure they will love the look and when they get to know the price, they will fall of the chair, I swear! I have lots more to tell you about Panchgani and what to shop there, the places to buy from so look out for my next post called “Cheap Chappals” etc.

P.S. I just realized – being a budget babe feels as good and shopping on budget fashion is something am really aiming to achieve this year. Wish me luck!


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