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Window-Shop.List.Buy! January 19, 2010

There is sort of thrill in window shopping (Do you agree?)… and trust me its better than buying (yes am saying it) Well. Let me start with the good things about window shopping!

– It’s free.

– It’s fun (Gosh I can’t tell you how much)

– You can go ahead, ask all the prices, try the stuff out, wear and turn your back, front, sides, flip yourself around and look at how it falls on you and then conveniently remove it and tell the sales man/girl “Oh it doesn’t fit”  or “I dont like it so much” or better still the common one “I will come back” (I mean come one. Really? Come back? If you wanted to come back you would tell her, almost go down on her knees and beg, please keep this aside for me and tell her after how many seconds you will come back and also put aside 75rs from your wallet to just book the outfit so don’t think they buy that as they see dozens of us say that, nevertheless it always works and doesn’t invite questions)

– You can look, survey, saunter (without bags, credit cards almost falling off the wallet) freely as you simply inspect now and then come and pay and pick.

Tomorrow I plan to indulge in some mindless window shopping with a girlie pal (One of my posts will be on “Why its fun to shop with a girlie pal. I know you can’t wait) Its going to be fun. I know it. Its at Phoenix, one of my favourite malls in the city. I am going to scoop the sale scene there and tell you all about it!

Ok Toodle oo!


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