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Ayesha attends Paathshala January 23, 2010


Howdy ! Yes that phrase has caught on after I saw the movie “Have you heard about the Morgans?” (If you haven’t its good. If you have, don’t go meet them) I must not recommend it to you. I must be honest to myself that I only went because there was no other movie worth its salt running. One teeny weeny reason could have been the star cast that featured Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant but in hindsight, I feel they did nothing to add to the glam quotient or star studdedness of the movie. My verdict: Skip it and watch Sex and the city instead. Don’t you love Sex and the city? I even went ahead and bought the movie cd and you know what the cd promise me a Hidesign voucher inside but I never received one ! Can you beat that ! This was at a sale last year at Crossword book store in Kemps Corner. Whatever happened to that voucher. (Yes you figured, I had two reasons to buy the movie cd and the bigger one was the Hidesign voucher, come on now, have you seen their prices, a voucher is a boon)

Talking about movies, have you noticed that a little Ms. Ayesha Takia Azmi has been missing in action since a while? Well if you have been waiting to see her after her movie Wanted, she is back to regale you in Paathshala. That’s the name of her next film opposite Shahid Kapoor and it is all set to release in April? As usual Ms. Ayesha seems like she is trying out something new year. All the best Ayesha!

P.S. Have you heard those disgusting rumours about her in-laws wanting her to wear a burka? Yikes !


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