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Train Trinkets January 25, 2010

No its not train shaped trinkets that am talking about (although they would be cute too) am talking about me travelling often in the train these days and what that does to me. Well just like a boy/man has an eye of a hunter and will sense the presence of a woman even she is 100 feet in the vicinity(actually from far far away), I have started to shop and have scouted a mini market of sorts in the train.

Girlie goes gaga !

(I have the oops shrugged my shoulders and cant help it expression on my face right now) Well shopping is what I do and what I like so if its right there staring in your face in a Mumbai Local Train compartment, there is no way out.)

Its like your destination is an hour away and every station there are guys and gals with their display trays and there is everything from stationery to comb sets, junk jewellery to clutches, clips, hair bands, magazines, kurtis and even sandles ! (Damn today the sandle woman turned up as I my station was approaching and I was all piled up with bags on both sides (Yea if you spot a girl at Churchgate station with bags on both sides a coffee in one hand and a mobile in another that’s me cooleeeing off in the city) so I couldn’t really see and sample the stuff but anyway perhaps the next time.)

And believe you me some of the things are as happening as your local junk jewellery retailer so don’t you give me that l.s. stare as you read this. Mumbai trains are fast, fun and fabulous for frequent shoppers like me, they are filled with little surprizes every day. I wonder what I will see next? Lingerie? err dresses? Skirts perhaps? Leggings? And then they can have a train loyalty shopping card for frequent shoppers you know like they have a gift shop in flights. Gosh I need to stop.


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