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Valentine Vows January 27, 2010


Why just wedding vows? How about valentine vows and promises? 14th February is around the corner. And St. Valentine has a way of igniting that excitement in us from weeks before.

So here Iam thinking of something special that I want to do for my better half. Well am not exactly the full on mush type but I do look at the day as yet another celebration of love although Iam pretty sure its not the only day where you room, clothes, your hair must look pink and you must eat and think pink and live pink and paint the town pink ! Pain the town pink (Would that be so bad?)

So as I scratch my head to get a few ideas, I have some fun ones to share with you. All set with your pink pen with a feather cap and note pad? Here goes:

Take off: The idea is to switch off your mobile phones, put on your seat belts (car or plane whatever time or budget permits) and go off to a destination. If you are  Mumbai resident, Madh island, Manori, Alibaug, Lonavla, Panchgani are some of the beautiful places you can choose to be at with your beloved. Just you and him cozying up with the weather, the sun and the sand …. oh its gonna be awesome!

Look up travel websites for weekend getaway plans or dial your family travel agent and he will fix you two good!

Day-Date: Dial your boss and his and tell you guys are sick (Its valentines day and obviously you are not! But take your chance!) Now make sure you plan this stuff well in advance so you are ready with a breakfast in bed plan, some dvd’s you can catch up with or better still head to a matinee show and get some great brunch at your favourite restaurant nearby. In the afternoon do a movie marathon back to back at a multiplex. Your spouse not so much of a movie goer? Surprize them with spa treatments instead. We all can do with a little bit of relaxation and therapy now right? For the evening, take a walk on the beach, the sea side or a garden and just talk, hold hands, cuddle up, catch up – a beautiful end to a memorable day!

Mall Rats!

Be mall rats on Valentines day! Head to good malls in your city and take time off in the mall to go and buy presents for each other. Return in an hour and meet at the food court as you unwrap the presents and enjoy some coffee, cake or whatever else that you both love munching and sipping on together. Many malls have amazing Valentine events, contests, do enter (Gorgeous Girlie sends you all her luck!)

Gifts are good. But the real gifts are eternal ones.

Focus on love, time, things you say to each other rather than giving and expecting materialistic gifts from each other. Save your anniversaries and birthdays for jewellery, watches, gadgets, fancy outfits etc. Let this day be about love. About stories you write to each other, albums you flip together, memories you cherish and the new vows you make together and am sure you will Wow your Valentine like never before!

Have a Happy Happy Valentines Day !


P.S. Don’t expect. Give more. Try not to live up to the hype, try being in love instead. Feel it. Don’t fake it.


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  1. Hungover Guy Says:

    As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  2. Great post. I’ve been looking for this exact information for a while now. Bookmarked!

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