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9 “Girlie” ways to woo him January 28, 2010


Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Guys love girlie. They will make faces and sounds the moment you tell them you wana take them for a chic flick but no one enjoys a chic flick more than a guy does. Dont believe me? Ask him how they’d love to see “Sex and the city” today on a DVD, they’ll make a few hesitations and within minutes they will be game! It’s a put on so you don’t think they are sappy and sensitive but in their hearts of hearts, they’d give an arm and more to watch a chick flick. It’s a guy thing.

Dress girlie. Now that’s the trick. It means getting out of your comfort zone and getting into the frilly-willy feminine space. Bring out the chiffon and cotton, dig out your sphagettis and straps, knee-length outfits and shorter ones, gowns and skirts are all welcome. Short jump suits are uber cute too. Put on a hot pair of stilettos, dab your dream lip color and he will be drooling all over.

Pay a compliment. Say something sweet. Go out of the way to make him feel good and boost his ego. “You are so intelligent.” or “Wow! You fixed this” “That was so funny” ! It all works wonders. If you thought girls were a sucker for compliments, boys are not far behind. As usual, they just won’t admit it. But the moment you pay them one, they will be gloating for days!

Take him out. Boys asking girls out on a dates is passe. Although its not such a bad thing if your guy still does that but taking an initiative as a girl makes a guy feel good and surprizes him too. How about taking him to a place where he can scream loudly, have some beer and feel like your bud ! Man U the new club at Palladium, Phoenix Mills is  the hot new joint for Manchester United football fans. If you feel that’s not your cup of tea, take him out for dinner to his favourite place even if that means to an Udupi or his college canteen or the joint outside his school, do something out of the ordinary, get it ?

Bond with the babes. This time from his family. Make an effort to get to know his mom or sister. You don’t have to fall in love with them like you are with him but a little bit of chitter-chatter (we girls are great at PR aren’t we?) helps in getting them to like you and vice versa. What you get? Brownie points with you boy and he knows you are doing this for him. Viola!

 Lend a hand. Boys are busy or should we say messy? And they wont tell you if they need a hand. They want to believe they can do it all. You will have to snoop around to find out what he needs. Maybe his car needs some servicing or maybe his shelf could be better organized so he can find all that is in it but guess what all the work/studying and dating leaves him no time? Go lend a hand or when he isnt around, just get it done and make life a little easier for him. He will so value you in his life. Even if its adding his latest favourite album into his iPod, he will appreciate the gesture. Go do it now!

P.S. He kept borrowing my comb, so I got him a set of combs. He wanted those comfy towel chappals to walk around at home in and I knew he would never take the pains to get them himself so I went ahead and got them. He was touched. You know how we feel when we have been looking at that pair of ear-rings on the display and someone gets it for us ! Aaah!

Make the move. Aaah now have you heard that already for him? He’d love it if you made the move? If you took the initiative? If you went there and played first in the field than he did. He is used to being the one intiation the affection and action it but if you do it this time, it makes him want you more and more. Get the drift?

Smart Cook-ie. Old adages never fail us. The one you heard about the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Bang on! Now this is a dicy one especially if you are amongst the girls who can barely get yourselves to boil an egg, but if you really truly care for you partner, push yourself.  Break the schakles of “The Chick Can’t Cook” !

Print out his favourite recipes and try them out before the final day. What does he like? Cajun Chicken Lasagna or his mom’s favourite Sindhi Curry? Even if its 70% there, he will love the effort and pain you took to go through it all.

(I couldnt cook to save my life but I was in an LDR and I made him brownies and Fed exed them all the way to another city. He was speechless!)

Guy’s night out. Be a sport. Be a boy this time. Organize a guy’s party for him either at your/his or a friends place with beer, pizza and some sport and action packed movies. Let him know that you care that he has his “guy time”. And perhaps after sometime when they guy fun is winding down, you could spring a surprize on him by getting the girls over and having a big party!

Spoil him silly. He has spoilt you rotten. Now its time to switch roles. Feed him his lunch, pick him up before you go to the movies, get him his favourite ice cream flavour even before he asks, give him a nice relaxing head massage at the end of the day and make him the king for the day or week. Whatever he wants and he likes and its done. Trust me its the best and the guy will love you more.

You got your own girlie way to woo him that has worked wonders? All girlies would love to know. Come write, chip in! 🙂


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  1. Divaa Divine Says:

    i think you have given me an idea to woo my future husband 😀

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