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Girlie Gossip ! January 28, 2010

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Remember how we all gossiped as little girls with one hand on the mouth as we giggled and a twinkle in the eye, those chinese whispers and murmuring into your girlfriends ear as a kid. Those good old care free days, whatever happened to them. It’s time to bring them back!

Rahul Mahajan (yes the child of controversy) is getting married on NDTV Goodtimes and there will be women lining up to prove their mettle to him. Remember how our Rakhi Sawant did it. Rahul Mahajan is next in line. And the youngest girl contender for the swayamvar is all of 19. Gosh! After Rakhi Rocking Sawant and Rahul Mad Mahajan, you know who should join next (My tummy tickles as I write this)  KRK !


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