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Bazaar. Bling. Blah. January 29, 2010

Valentine’s day comes and goes. And before you know it you are back in the grind. The candles are fading out. The cake is almost over. The mood and the mush remains. Now if only you could have a little bit more of 14th feb. The balloons, the romantic sappy numbers, the movies and the kisses. I say make it a Valentine weekend; especially now that its falling on a Sunday.

What you should do for the weekend? For that, scroll down a little on my blog and look out for a post you called “Valentine Vows” (I wish there were a set of Valentine Vows that couples could say to each other very year. Wouldnt that be sweet? And if they boy forgot the vows, the girl could ask for anything and it must be granted. That would be so cool.) Need still more ideas? Grab his hand, work your girly charm and take him to Bazaar and Bling happening at Candies Bandra.  From designer wear to jewellery, gifts, party props, its all here. And you can buy each other gifts you really like (Although there are chances of you buying more things for yourself than for him) So go ahead, make the Valentine Weekend yet another reason to shop in style. Shop, hold hands, sip on coffee, whisper sweet nothings, awwwww it’ll be amazing, won’t it?

Here is the dope !

Saturday, February 13, 2010
11:00am – 9:00pm
Candies @ Mac Ronells
5AA Pali Hill, Near Learners Academy, Bandra

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