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Stole scouting & other shopping stories. February 2, 2010

Am back and I have so much to tell you. Oops! I can already see all the secrets spilling out. Ok Iam trying to tell you one by one. Gosh its hard. Where do I begin? First things first, I had a super fantastic weekend. I was Inorbit Mall Malad on 30th and 31st at Vashi (I was conducting writing workshops there for kids and yes it was a blast!) But I know that you want to know about all the things I shopped and saw right? I know. Well I have always mentioned to you that Inorbit Vashi is a shopping paradise. You see, you buy. And its dirt cheap ! I finally brought a Chimp vest for myself all for Rs 299/- (It was on sale) I also came across a store called Accessorize. Now I must tell you it was over priced but I also must tell you that I loved all that they have and I still want to go back. The bags, the bling, the socks, the pretty things, the glittery and girly heart shaped calculators, the bracelets et al. I was in half a mind to pick up one big Santa Size bag and dump them all in! They were too girly to let go off.

Stole scouting.

It was Mommy Dearest’s birthday and I knew she needs a stole.  So I went stole scouting and went from all the places from AND to Shoppers Stop and finally I thought why not try Kaysons? Surprisingly they have a good collection of stoles both Indian and western. I picked up a soft and slippery silky stole all for Rs 899/- (was worth it) They had ones with big puffs, leopard prints, glitter, you name it.

I saw. I liked. I want!

Pillows and bags at Chimp. They are cool and chic. They are understated and stylish. They are funky too. A pillow with a sweet little girl holding a sword (that’s me! I said to myself when I saw the pillow) Sigh. There was no sale on pillows and bags.


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