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Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Doon? February 5, 2010

Sprawling Sea-Facing Balcony

Sprawling Sea-Facing Balcony

Ok I know its very Bollywood, but how about humming the Salman-Priyanka romantic and fun street number to your spouse this Valentine’s day? A true filmi ishtyle of expressing your love. Not just that but taking him completely by surprize as you decide the plan for Valentine’s day this time. Be a girl, take charge! Gone are the days when our kind (female species) sat there and waited for something to happen to us. Go plan, buy the gifts, bake the cake, inform the friends, schedule the concert, so  on and so forth. Do all this at your own time, meanwhile let me let you in on a secret ! (Oh no! Its not about shopping. Its about a mini pre-valentine celebrations that I had with my spouse. Yes girlie went on a getaway!) 

Unwind at the pool side

Unwind at the pool side

The dope! 

When you want to relax with your loved one yet not get into the hassle of planning, booking, clicking, printing. When you simply want to drive off and reach your place of relaxation within an hour or so. And when you are scouting for a place that is close to home yet takes you away to a special place The Resort at Madh Island. No place else. (It’s awesome!) Warm, spacious, beautiful. Serene, secluded and restful. I was contemplating surprizing him with a weekend at The Resort since early January (Yes girly plans well in advance) and finally I decided to take the plunge. Valentine Weekend meant rush, therefore I thought how about experiencing a blissful stay at The Resort sometime during the week. It not just rejuvenates you and gives you the break you needed but also you are saved from the crowded weekends.


Easy and effortless reservations… 

The Resort at Aksa beach is a relaxed place and the people here feel like family and friends. Dial them on Tel : +91 222844 7777, Fax : +91 22 2880 4444 / 2881 8641 and make your bookings and they will ensure you are treated like royalty throughout your stay. 

I checked into the hotel early morning and had planned the entire day for the two of us. (You should too. Guys love it!) First ofcourse a relaxing dip into the pool followed by a lazy nap on the hammocks gently swinging to the breeze. We then headed to a spectacular spread of Lunch buffet at the High Tide restaurant. High Tide is a sea-facing and pool facing restaurant with soft music to complement your dining. Heading for a buffet there? Better go with a big appetite. What’s on the menu? I must say we were spoilt for choice. From the Thai ChickenCurries to the Fish preparations and the Continental Cuisine choices, there was more than you could ask for. Even veggie lovers can expect a lavish spread for lunch and dinner. After a heavy meal, we needed to put our feet up and keep it light. So we went taking a little tour of the entire property as we were greeted and treated with warmth and friendly faces. 

Bodyscape Spa, The Resort Mumbai

Bodyscape Spa, The Resort Mumbai


Spa – treats ! 

Few ours later and I had booked him a spa appointment at the Bodyscape Spa in the Resort basement. Roomy and relaxing, the Spa has a variety of therapies and massages to choose from. Take your pick from the Thai massages, Shirodhahra and Abhyanaga or any other beauty treatment or therapy of your choice. Nancy, the Spa manager will look after you well and recommend you the therapies too.  

Romantic Rendezvous@ The Resort

Romantic Rendezvous@ The Resort

Now there is a special something at the resort if you want to have really private dinner date with your better half. A pristine white tent set in the middle of the hotel yet far from other dining areas,  facing the sea just for you and him. Request the chef and the hotel to have you set up here for your evening drinks and dinner and you won’t regret it. Beautifully lit, this white tent is the perfect place to have a quiet romantic rendezvous – and now that Valentine’s day is approaching, you might want to rush and get your place hooked and booked before anyone else gets there.  


Wonder Valentine Weekend ! All set to plan the Valentine Weekend next week? Book you peaceful   place at The Resort and you will come back again and again with sweet  memories of the place, the people, the sights and sounds of Madh Island. 




P.S.  Happy Valentine Weekend  



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