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Pop goes the weasel ! February 6, 2010

Love Pot

Love Pot

Remember the nursery rhyme? Honestly I don’t but I do like the sound of the sentence “Pop goes the weasel”  as all sorts of images run through my mind. Speaking of Pop, I want to show you some new Girl Goodies I came across. They are pretty, quirky, popular and they are from Pop-att ! The brain child of girlies Rakhi Parekh and Khushboo Lahori, the pretty girlies at Pop-att believe in making necklaces, brooches, bracelets, clocks, gifts and more. Look at this pot, even though am not so much of a nursery in my home person, I want to get a mini plant because I love the pot. Look at it, how cute is that. And if you couldnt get enough of that, the Satin tops stuffed in a glass bottle, they are sure to catch your fancy.
They also have dye satin shorts, bright acrylic diaries et al.
Sexy Satin Stuff

Sexy Satin Stuff


 The dope! 

Like Pop-att? You can get the stuff at Muse, Amaara, Sobo, Mal Mul in Mumbai and also at Sacha’s Shop in Goa. 

Email them on 


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