Girly Hour

Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

Kool Kitsch. Bling and Bombshells. Clothes and Carvings. February 9, 2010

It’s all happening at the Kala Ghoda Festival (At Kala Ghoda South Mumbai) If you havent been, go. If you have, go again. There is so much happening at KGAF every year that you can’t possibly consume it all but can make the most of the arty-farty ambience, the girls and guys thronging with their cameras, spouses and friends and all the stalls with their inviting extravaganza. I have all the dope for you on what to see and what to buy at the KGAF.  News, pics and reviews, coming soon !

Super Stoles. Handsome hand woven stoles up for grabs starting at Rs 500/- in cool blues and pretty pinks or refreshing and citrusy greens, these handwoven goodies are grab and go! I think am going to pick one in each color and then everyone’s gonna wonder how I match every outfit with a cool complementing stole.

Wine bottle bags, cosmetic pouches & pink things. Support the cause of  breast cancer like a true Diva. Pink pedicure kits, wine bottle pouches, cozy denim book covers all screaming at me (pick me up) with adorable embroidered pouches addressing your sister, sister in-law or even grand children! These are just so cute. Price ranges from Rs 250 onwards.

Boho belts. Silver Stunners.Big bandhni prints, cotton patterns, sequence work, mirror work et al. If you like those big n thick belts to pair with your pants or skirts, here is the chance to pick up a couple of good charmer belts for yourself or to gift your girl buddies.  Stunning silver and costume jewellery is laid out featuring everything from ear-rings to bangles, chunky and elaborate necklaces, anklets amongst others. These start at a modest Rs 250/-

Stall to stalk: Dhoop, Kalaghoda Kreatives, BNHS (pick up the Gulal for Holi in advance for Rs 20/- wonly)

Go get your fill of fun, festivities, art, fart and chaat too. Well, I can safely say that the shopping beats all of the above. It’s out of this world ! It’s all happening from 6th Feb to 14th. Go girly show up! And if you see someone juggling and doing a balancing act with a million shopping bags and a cup of coffee, that would be me!


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