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Girly Must-Haves ! February 10, 2010

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography


If you are a girl in 2010, you know you have to not just be smart but sassy, not just pretty but perky, not just catty but charismatic (in short) you have to have the whole package.  From body to beautiful to brain bountiful – this and that, we need it all. So here goes the Girly must-have list!

A fab-fun-flirty LRD (Yes. I feel LBD’S are passe. It’s time to bring out the red.) A little red dress is not just plain sexy but also shocking, bold and let’s the world know that you are cool and confident in your own skin. Ditch the LBD and bring on the LRD. A little dress is all you need to don for that cocktail party, a girls night out or that date you are planning to go on. Always hot. Always a hit.

Dial.Surf.Listen.Go!  A good phone. Oh there’s so much we do with that. We call. We cancel. We dance. We groove. We make-up. We break-up. We cry. We pry. If you don’t have a pretty phone that meets your needs, you are in for trouble. So figure out all that you do with your gadget and get one that works for you. Simple or complicated, camera of radio, iPhone or Blackberry, no matter what it is, go get it!

A hot accessory. The one that can dress you up with the blink of an eyelid. The only thing that’s missing on you and the only thing that you need to make the world wonder about your secret. It could be a chunkly armlet or a big n long beaded necklace or a thick and broad bangle; you choose what you want it to be. It could even be a feather in your hairband just like Sarah Jessica Parker had one in the movie Sex and the city! Let it be dramatic, let it be you, let it be striking for nothing less will do.

Sure Shot Shoes – ones that take you places: Be it boots, maybe moccassins or just plain and pretty pumps – let these be shoes you can count on. Sturdy and strong, they are like your man friday – taking you wherever whenever. Pick out your favourite pair and treat them right and let them treat you good too.

A reassuring retreat.  Not out of town, but in your home or maybe at a cafe down the street. Somewhere you can switch off and switch on to your world. A place where you are happy to be, think, relax and rejuvenate over a cup of coffee. You go here when you are tired from the mundane schedule or just want some “me time”. It could be the book store near you or even the club that you have a membership of. Its good for girls to have a space other than their home where they can quickly run off to and run back from! I have one (actually many) do you?

A fun friend. Most of them are ready to lend n ear (not always because they care but they are inquisitve and interested. Hmmm. No that good a friend eh?) But then moms and spouses make for good support too right? A friend who is fun, positive and happy is rare. If you have one, hold on to her tight! Dial her after a stressful day at work or a fight with your boss and let her cheer you up. We need not have a 3am buddy but a fun buddy, am sure we all do. I love to call my friends who are fun for I know that just by hearing their voice, I will forget all that I had on my head and feel like a light and free bird once again!

Read up. Get smart. Remember the episode of Friends where Joey was always nodding along at the end of the discussion. Now you don’t want to be looking pretty and sexy and doing that. We all know what those girls are called ! (It’s Bimbette, just incase). So read and learn, be informed. Watch the news or read the views; surf and keep yourself updated if that’s more like your domain. Read up on issues that interest you whether its women’s issues or health, lifestyle, world affairs etc. Who knows you might just get lucky striking a conversation with a hottie at a party or may end up impressing your in-laws to be?

A loaded iPod: When you wanna run and soak up the sun or when you want to get set and be there to watch the sun set as you sweat sweat sweat ! (Girly loves to rhyme) That’s right ! Music can make you move and make you wanna grove like nothing else. Keep it charged, keep it loaded and packed with your favourite tunes. The peppier the better! Leave the keys, the phone, the stress and the baggage behind and step into your running shoes as you get into the mood to chill, thrill and run away to that special place where its you and your favourite tunes to the rescue.

A cuddly buddy. Not a real friend but similar. It could be the pink bunny you received on valentine’s day or the big teddy your friends gave you last year on your birthday; girls can never get enough of cuddly toys. I still hold and hug mine tight when I need to… Awww I feel like doing that now. “Something cuddly and cute, soft and not brute, something you can hug and that will hug you back and be there with you when you are alone to hit the sack.”

Secret stash box. A tricky one as we all are different. What may make me feel all happy and gay may not really make your world go around. So have a secret box which has all the things that bring a smile to your face. Your first birthday greeting card, your bow from your school uniform, the love letter you wrote or received, the picture perfect memories, the chocolate wrappers, the cds, the scents and the sentiments – all that’s mush. Comforting cocoa powder, a big bar of chocolate, a bottle of your favourite wine – we all need one of these every now and then..!

That’s my list of girly must-haves. Do you have a list too? I’d love to hear from you.


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