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Polite Padukone. Taxi Trauma. February 11, 2010

Bride and Style

Bride and Style

Ok. I have lots to share. I went shopping. I interviewed Deepika Padukone (Gosh! She is a smart cookie) Hmmm and a very commited chic when it comes to relationships. No I don’t have gossip for you – but what I do know is that Dippy knows her life, her mind and she is as transparent as it can get (some think, that’s boring. Do you?) But the most fun and exciting part of it all? Am planning to go and chop my locks just like she has in “Uff teri ada” in her latest Karthick Calling Karthick ! She said “Just go ahead and don’t think twice, it’s hair and it will grow back” ! Well you know what Dippy, Iam gonna do it. Dippy is one fun lass. I think she’s quite girly too. You should have heard her giggle away when I asked her about getting married and planning her wedding et al. It was so much fun ! Look out for her interview in the latest issue of Bride and Style Magazine. (Awesome magazine if you are tying the knot!)

What else am upto today? Well. Well. Well. I picked up some new bling from KGAF (Kala Ghoda Art Festival) got some goodies for my hubbie’s 30th birthday that’s coming up. Iam telling you, go for the fest – its one good thing to invest into – big returns – bigger shopping bags…!

Taxi talk.

Ok now what’s up with these taxi drivers these days? They are all getting chatty with me. Not necessarily in a bad way but I don’t wanna encourage this talk – you know what I mean? But where is all this coming from? Am I being inviting or sending some signs? Gosh – strange things happen sometimes and you don’t know whether to read into it too much or just let it go.

I have to go, I really do. Time for that hot cuppa of java…


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