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Without a Valentine?Get set to dance n dine! February 12, 2010

I still remember the days when I had no valentine in college and I would switch on MTV and Channel V and watch all the mush songs back to back. I would weep. I would wait and wonder. I would get bitter and sad and wonder if I have been bad. But you know what? Theses are the days when you need to enjoy a Valentine’s day by being a “Single lady”. Rise from the mush and get hold of your latest crush, act bold and don’t be cold, enjoy your single status and let go of your inhibitions for nothing else matter…! Get it?

Buckle – up: So what if you have no one to be arm candy to a dance night or a dinner date this Valentines? You deserve better. Treat yourself to something super-special this valentines day. Deploy your single ladies and plan a trek out of town. Just you and them, hiking away, catching up with conversation, having your own bonfire, you know what I mean? Call that friend with a rich dad and the farm house, ask her if you guys can all pack off to her place this Valentine’s day? Better still, just go to the nearest beach or hill station, drive for a few hours and just unwind over the weekend; it will end up being the best Valentine’s day – Without a Valentine!

Queen of therapies? Retail therapy. Shopping has a way of piercing through a woman’s soul. Let your soul shine. Let your shopping wishes be fulfilled. Go get cute with your dad and tell them how you need that dress and the shoes and the accessories for the party and how your old ones are not good. Get your mom on board too. Viola! You not only have the moolah to shop till you drop but now you land up getting goodies and gifts on Valentine’s day…hmm things are looking up already !

P.S. Just a tip, don’t take their credit card and bleed them away. Go easy, don’t take advantage of anyone being nice just like you wouldn’t like that for yourself.

Bury them alive. Memories and mush haunting you too much? Your photographs with your ex, the gifts and chocolate wrappers, movie tickets from your dates? If you really wanna grow and move on, pack it all up and dump it into the bin. There go your feelings and your last wish that you guys were back together. It’s necessary for all of us to have closure. Get your closest friends to be there with you to celebrate the occassion.

Sexy Singles!Host a sexy singles party at your place. Get all the single girls and guys to join in. Well you will have to plan this a little in advance as most people freeze on their Valentine’s day plans a week prior. Make sure it remains a “Strictly Singles” affair and not where couples end up pouring in, all the fun will be out of the door then. You can plan a lot of naughty games, treasure hunts or just get to know each other better over fun finger foods, good wine. Don’t hoarde on too much alcohol or you will have more cleaning to do at the end of the party, if you know what I mean!

P.S. Can I get a wee bit cheesy? Watch MTV Splits villa or Emotional Atyachaar on Bindaas and have a hearty laugh…!


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