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Pet Parlour February 13, 2010

Pic courtesy: B:blunt

Pic courtesy: B:blunt

All girlies need to have a pet parlour. (Not the one for your pet poodle but for yourself) Young, old, beautiful, bold, careless and cold; you are a girl, you gotta have a pet parlour – period.

What is a pet parlour?

A parlour where they know your name. And where they are glad that you came. They will always serve you just the same (or better).

Why have a pet parlour?

– A place that makes you look good should also make you feel good.

– Girls can look after girls like no one can

– Girls deserve to be pampered and looked after well.

– Only a person you see often, is familiar to you and understand you closely can treat you right !


I have a pet parlour do you? Girls are sweet. Girls are sensitive. They need to be cared for and looked after and cuddled and huddled. Imagine how amazing it would be if there were people around you who just knew what you wanted and gave you the space and did everything that you thought of and you didnt have to say a thing (Well I do have such people but am referring to in a parlour) Wouldn’t that be like awesome? I finally got my pet parlour at the Lakme Salon at CCI Club and boy Iam glad ! They welcome you, they go all out for you, they care about how you want to wear your hair. They are careful not hurt you. In short – you are set. Other parlours that treat you right? Lakme Studio at Churchgate station, JUICE at Wodehouse Road Colaba.

Play favourites.

I remember when I used to call salons for appointments a few years ago and they would ask me “Do you want someone in particular”?  and I would wonder what’s the big deal; and now I realize, well it is a big deal. You find a girl/guy who you think works for your hair, face, mani-pedi – treats you like a queen for those few hours – knows you like the back of your hand – and then you make sure he/she is taken care off well too. Tip them right, have a little girly bonding with them and when you return you are all set to experience your blissful treatment with someone who truly knows you. How does that sound?


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