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Is he a cheater? February 14, 2010

Ok just like all Indians, am too a sucker for reality television. Rakhi’s Swayamvar got over and Big Boss began. Then came in MTV Splits villa and now Rahul’s Swayamvar. But I feel the truly most sensational of them all that lives up to its name are none other than Emotional Atyachar on Bindaas Channel. The loyalty test conducted by one partner over other because they feel that the other partner is straying and then the confrontation; it takes reality tv to another level. And guess what, Iam hooked! While a loyalty test on Emotional Atyachar maybe an extremely scandalous way of telling whether your partner is cheating on you, here are some simply “tell tale” signs if you want to skip the sting operation.


Signs your man is straying

Not interested: Get that vibe often from him? You feel more connected and close to him than he does. You are cuddling and giving that peck on the cheek. You are making all the calls and he seems disinterested. He constantly cancels the dates while you are crying and getting crabby asking him why. Although some of these signs may also be visible if he is a moody person or if your relationship is just going through a new phase so not all this behavior indicate a cheater, but its good to keep a tab eh?

Sorry I missed your birthday. He forgets the birthdays and anniversaries. He doesn’t call when he says he will. Sometimes he doesn’t show up at all on a date and you are left stood up! He makes plans and he doesn’t keep his promises. What’s more? His excuses are either the same every time or somehow they don’t seem to convince you that it’s the truth.

Pick up the phone. His phone is always busy. You can’t get through.

Honey, how do I look? He suddenly is all vain about his appearance. He wants to look good, buy new clothes and shoes and make an extra effort.

Basic instincts. Your instinct tells you so. If it does? Go with it. I have experienced this personally. I had a dream before I came to know about my boyfriend who cheated on me and the dream was bang on. Instincts are a way of guiding us or preparing us for the worst. Don’t neglect the signs.

It’s all over.

Apart from the above, you feel there is a distance in your relationship. Space that has perhaps been taken over or filled up by another person. Your heart doesn’t beat the same way for him and he doesn’t really care if you are around anymore. Maybe it’s time to move on.

P.S. Girls have instincts. Use them. Just like the Egyptians used sun, moon, stars, earth to measure time. You can use your “gut” feeling to tell whether your guy is in it for keeps or he needs to be kept away. No matter what happens, am here for you. A big HUG to you and wish you all the luck !


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