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Hottie list February 17, 2010

You know you have it. It’s there in your heart. But you sometimes can’t get the names out. I finally managed. I did! I took a lot of guts, glorious guts to come up with this list or to put it out in public. am secretive. am secretive as it gets. I have all the stuff stashed away in my hearts of hearts of hearts and it never comes out. not even when am drunk. not even whem alone in the middle of a dessert and its a dark gloomy night.

The secret test. Are you a secret keeper?

Basically – I share when I have completely tested you out – and if I feel you have potential of sharing what I share with you with others – you are struck off from my sharing list. At present I have about 2-3 people on my sharing list, earlier I had any, amongst that 2-3 one is me.

Alright then, here is girlie’s hottie list. Yes, they are fewer than a handful but books and hotties should be few and good.

Darling of a Deol

From the time I interviewed him; I knew we had a connection. (Did you feel it too Abhay?) (Girlie had a job at a radio station GO92.5FM now Radio One 94.3) And the crush from then until now has been long and strong. My heart skipped several beats high and low everytime I saw him Socha na tha, Ek Chalis ki last local or DEV D. The man’s sexy, simple, smart and makes my world go round and round…(Have heard he is single now? Do you know anything on that front?) After Dharmendra, I can safely say that he is the next hottest Deol. (Btw I had a crush on Dharmendra even before I was 10, Gosh! That’s a big confession)


Barak Hussein Obama

Play the President’s music and welcome my next hottie ! Call me old fashioned, call me whatever – Mr. Obama has been a hottie ever since he became the president. No it’s not the power that is attractive – it’s the persona, it’s the family man quality, it’s the health and fitness level at his age – any girl would be impressed ! Last but not the least – he and Michelle are joint at the hip. Now does that make him desirable or what?

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:


Fun-han Khan

He is fun. He is whacko! Whether its growing long hair and donning a hear band for months or going oh so sexy with the six pack and the hot buff bod, Mr. Junior Akhtar is full of surprizes. A man of many talents, this one can rock and roll, sing and stroll, direct, act, wonder what next ! The “this is how iam” attitude is something we love Farhan for. He will sing but only in his own film. He will act with the likes of Ms. Padukone but have eyes only for Adhuna. Awwww.

Didn’t I just serve you awesome hotties on your screen – have them with whatever you like – they are all yours (virtually ofcourse!)


4 Responses to “Hottie list”

  1. Diksha Says:

    farhan and abhay on the top of my indian list too!! 😛

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      That makes the two of us ! 🙂

      • snehal Says:

        me too…. agree for the ratings……….. but can we add one more to it Rahul Gandhi……..:)

      • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

        Hahaha! Now Mr. Gandhi seems to be getting popular amongst the girls for sure…! Wonder what it is that makes the girls go gaga? The dimples? The single status or something else?

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