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Skin-happy February 18, 2010

Oh am quite skin-happy these days. You know it matters. If you are blessed (or cursed?) with sensitive skin, you are always jumping from one product to another, trying, giving up, getting stressed on what’s good and what’s no good for your skin. I think I have finally struck a balance between inexpensive yet quality – Neutrogena. I have been using their products for a while now and I can safely say – Iam sold ! The fine fairness cream (no no I didn’t buy it because I want to get fair, just needed a moisturiser, that’s all!) is so not sticky and works for me. I also use their cleanser and face wash and Iam quite happy. I have a combination skin and its ultra sensitive (more delicate than my heart) and I think this time Iam bang on!

Do you have sensitive skin?

If yes, how do you tackle it? Any home remedies or readymade ones? Do send them to me.

P.S.  Not because Dippy endorses it. Ofcourse I love Dippy but not enough to use the cream that she likes or endorses. Neutrogena is nice for me. And until am skin happy – I will use it, if not will remove it off the shelf to make way for my new skin friendly friends.


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