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Meher-smerized February 19, 2010

If you say “Vibrant” Clothes, you have half my attention already but if you say “Feminine” + “Vibrant”, you have me completely gaping at the store. I saw the link “Feminine n Vibrant” clothing and  had to click, go and see what’s in store. Well, I came back delighted! I logged on to and I was greeted with a simple unassuming and easily navigable website with clothes that spelt “me” (most of them did) You know am not someone who is into figure hugging outfits, although I think I may have a decent one to show off, but that’s not the point.

The clothes, some of them have a victorian feel, but nevertheless they seem very idyllic and suited for leisure or resort wear. Although, am quite comfortable wearing them even for my daily do’s. They are loose but not dowdy, they are charming and elegant. If you look at the pics, you will know what I mean. For online shoppers, ofcourse you can do the deal on the website. But if you like to do the talk and order and discuss, call them or visit their Jaipur store. What do you feel about Meher Shaw’s creations? Iam quite keen to meet the woman and get her to do some stuff for my wardrobe for sure.

The dope!


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