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Vouch will you buy? February 20, 2010

Now I have plenty of experience in this area. I mean the area of buying  and  using Gift Vouchers that I have won or been gifted. Well, mostly its been the former. I have have won all sorts of shopping vouchers from all sorts of places including malls, high street shops, brands, hotel vouchers; yes as I have been saying earlier, I have the ladyluck (Ok let’s hope it takes me places 😉

Be Voucher Wise

Now, just because you have a voucher, you don’t have to show up at the mall and grab the first thing that you see and like. Hold on, relax and take a deep breath. The voucher is in your hands and you control it. It’s not money in your pocket, its better. It’s FREE. You won it or were gifted. So no one can take it away from you right. Don’t clutch it tightly like a child and then spend it on the first chance you get. Look at it as a gift from god for your goodness. Well, that’s how I look at it. Perhaps I overworked the previous week and how he (the almighty) was aware of this and he also knew how badly I needed a new dress so in his own little way he sent this gift to me. Unless the voucher has a strict validity date, don’t be in a mad rush to utilize it.

Plan the spree: Discuss with your mom, sister, friends, boyfriend (ok not boyfriend) about what do you think you really need. Is it a belt or a pair of jeans or a formal party top? Make a calculated decision, in this way, you would have got what you really needed and wanted.

Birthdays and anniversary gifts: Leave the selfish-self out and think about a family or friend whose birthday is approaching. If you don’t know them well enough to buy that perfect present, a shopping voucher would make the ideal gift. Wrap into a nice envelope, say something sweet on the note, attach a blooming red rose and Viola ! you have managed to score brownie points with that special someone.

P.S. Gift Vouchers are like money in your hand, but better. If you really really can’t get yourself to choosing something for your friend, don’t hesitate to give them a gift voucher. It’s not always personal but is more thoughtful than a gift that is not appreciated and will be circulated instead. What say?


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