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Celebrate Women’s Day ! February 21, 2010

Vava woom! It’s women’s day on March 8th. What are your plans?         Are you taking a girly getaway or are you going to rock all night at a party place near by? Or better still having a pyjama party in your home? Whatever it is, I wish you a Happy Wappy Women’s day! and hope you have super time with your girl buddies.

Follow your girl type.

Read chickwit and all other women writers and what they say and what they feel, where you stand where you need to stand up ! Lalita Iyer is the author of a three year old column chickwit. She is also popularly known as the “men basher”. Have I got you interested already? Great, then here is the link. 

Dish out a wow recipe ! Whether its Italian or Bengali, Russian or Chinese that you crave for – cook for yourself and not to impress the inlaws or make your way to your man’s heart – be the queen and treat yourself right. Go shopping for ingredients and maybe you can go gourmet and indulge. Pick out the best cheese your favourite wine, your most favourite veggies, the sauces and the dips and go gaga in the kitchen (oops! be careful and don’t burn down the house) And if you can’t or won’t get yourself to cook a full fledged meal, just sum up with a simple salad. In the mood for Salad? Tear red lettuce, chicory and iceberg lettuce. Add cubes of Poladin Blue Cheese, halved cherries. Drizzle EVOO and fruit flavoured Raspberry vinegar and Toss! You could get all of these at your nearest Nature’s Basket store or another store with gourmet items. And you could be well on your way to having not just a happy but an extremely healthy women’s day! You smart girl you!

Wine n Women: Throw a wine n women party for your buddies – order a waitor a bartender at home and a have a ball. Isn’t it awesome to have someone shake n stir and dish out fresh cocktails on the counter of your own home. How? Log on to: 

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography




Picture Pretty! Pose n pout. And its a women photographer so have no doubt! The company is called Shalini Rao Photography and they specialize in portraits for you and your loved ones.

Email on or go and sight see her work on

Be a FREE you: Go free fall or bungee jump! Let go of the excess baggage and feel good. Whether that means chopping your locks or getting a tattoo or slapping the boy who did a bad bad thing to you – you need to feel “awesome” and do whatever it takes.

Go girl child !

Teach a girl child. Yes it’s demanding. It’s a big commitment. It will take an hour or more from you every week but think what it could do for another life. It would change it forever. Whether its your maid or her little sister, the urchin you run into everytime you walk the street or better still visit the nearest NGO and enrol in their teach the girl child program. What better way to celebrate women’s day?

P.S.  Celebrate women’s day but more importantly, celebrate the woman in you. Be you and work on being a better you.

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:


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