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Mahajan – Marriage Soiree February 23, 2010

Girls love to watch Rahul Ka Swayamvar. And it’s obvious why. All the politics between other girls, the gossiping and bitching, the outsmarting, the canniving and since “all is fair in love and war” applies here too – basically – “everything goes” in this program. Iam not very sure if you have been an avid follower but I have been from day one. Every night, I finish my work and cozy up in my PJ’s infront of the television with some gooey chocolate or some chatpata snack to catch what Rahul and his girls are going to stir up today! It’s so stress busting and mazedaar I tell you. So much so I have managed to get some male memebers on board too. And now that the program is in its last leg and Mr. Mahajan is meeting the family of the final contestants, let me tell you who are battling for the Mrs. Mahajan’s position.

Harpreet Chhabra (hot n spicy ! fun n fiesty !)

The Delhi based damsel has always come across “Diplomatic” and “Politically correct” and thus not so popular amongst the girls. While she has been Rahul’s favourite from day one (and kinda mine too! You know I fee am a lot like her. I completely relate to her. Iam the Punjabbbi kudi type and so is she and all that. Ok I must stop.) she has the drawback of not opening up and expressing her feelings to him. On the other hand, she has stayed away from any kind of politics and controversies in the program and has consistently managed to garner Rahul and the audience’s attention along with several “Pyar ka nazaranas” which you get once you pass the test or do the task well. I think Ms. Chhabra has a good chance of tying the knot with Rahul next week. What are your thoughts?

Nikunj Malik (naughty or nice? arrogant of a big surprize?)

Nikunj Malik

Nikunj Malik

While facebook maybe filled with groups of  “I hate Nikunj Malik” it’s quite clear that you have to have something to come all the way to be in the finals. Ms. Malik charmed Mr. Mahajan with her honesty and was wooed and swept off her feet with dates and romantic rendezvous galore, however, it was gradually that the arrogance and not so nice Nikunj started showing and that’s when Mr. Mahajan aka our groom started having slight but sure second thoughts. So is Ms. Nikunj in or out?

Marathi Mulgi Mrinmayi

She may have an upper hand that she is a Maharashtrian (The marathi mulgi and all that you know) however I dont think that’s really Rahul’s priority as his previous wife Shweta Singh wasnt a Maharshtrian either. Nothing really stands out when it comes to Miss Mrinmayi except her tall and attractive and well poised body. I really can’t think of anything. Sorry.

Dimpy Bong- Ganguly.

Dimply Ganguly

Dimply Ganguly

Dimpy. Hmmmm. Dimpy. Rahul is clearly attracted to this Bong Babe. But is that an infatuation and to do with their personality similarities and the fact that they share same birthdays or is their chemistry “marriage material” well I doubt he is going to consider Ms. Ganguly to be the Mahjan Bahu. Aap ka kya khayal hai?


2 Responses to “Mahajan – Marriage Soiree”

  1. Piyush Says:

    I think Mrinmai or Dimpy….Harpreet is too diplomatic and Nikunj is too arrogant.

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Although after seeing Dimpy’s episode in the Promos, her family didnt seem too convinced with Rahul. The competition is too close this time..

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