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Make me pretty February 23, 2010

Magic Wand n Band

Magic Wand n Band

You know when I hear the words “Make me pretty” I remember the ballerina from Friends (Ofcourse am influenced by Friends. Aren’t you?) who comes to Monica’s door for candy and Rachel is all impressed with her graceful twirl and gives her all the candy? Remember? Rachel is pregnant in that episode? Ross is playing Doody? Phoebe is spanked by Ursula’s fiancee? Gosh, you must have a really bad memory to still not know what am talking about.

 My girly girly day !

Oh I feel so girly today! I did so many things that made me feel like girlie girl. Do you too do things that make you feel like a girlie girl? First things first, I went for a brunch with a girlfriend and had some awesome food inbetween the gossip, laughter, chatter and banter. It was too good to be true. It was soo good that I can still hear myself giggle. I really didnt want it to end you know. What I did next? Well, what I do best, I went window shopping – aah people underestimate this experience – I swear they do. Ok but as usual it didn’t end up being just shopping for the window, I ended up bringing the entire home back instead. Today, I may have pushed “girlie” to another level. I wanted to buy me something pretty. And no I wasnt looking out for clothes really. Something small, inexpensive but yet that would lift my mood and soar my spirits (strong believe of retail therapy as you can see). I entered Westside at KalaGhoda and here is the stuff I came back feeling lovely with. Awwwwwwww.

Pretty Flirty Cap

Pretty Flirty Cap


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