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Go girly go: Shruthi Hassan February 25, 2010


Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan

I love adventurous women. They inspire me. The give me the adrenalin rush (ok it’s not like you think) but they do. Iam motivated. Iam all charged up! I want to be them. Whether its Sunita Williams in space or Erin Brokowich on land fighting for water, I love them. I adore them. Iam all “go girly go” for them.

I recently heard about the pretty damsel Shruthi (Shru – thee) Hassan and all that she was upto (seriously this is way up there believe me) and I had to share it with all of you. Miss Hassan the action loving and adventurous girl that she is was shooting on the 3oth floor of a Mumbai high rise and decided to step right on the edge with her six inches heels on ! (Whoa!)

Is that brave or outright foolish? I have to give it to Shruthi (Shru – thee) this time. Just thinking and imagining the incident gave me an adrenalin rush and a chill through my spin. Wondering what it was really like?


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