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Knotty is nice. February 25, 2010

You know it’s pretty awesome to get married these days. Why? Not because its easier to split up and no one remembers because every other person you know is calling it quits!  Because there is a whole lot of exciting pre-wedding stuff that you get to do (especially the girls) there are all these events and exhibitions with wine tasting and champagne and coffee on the house and you just get to scoop out the socialite in you as you show up with your LV’s or fake Lv’s or LV look alike bags. (Ok am not exactly LV obsessed but the entire world is and I cant seem to get the point)

Bump into brides!

You get to see the moody brides (How moody? Oh trust me you would never be like that even its your worst PMS, turst me) the whimsical ones, the early brides who are planning two years in advance and the ones who are getting married in two days and dont have an outfit (I really admire their calm and composure)

Basically, if you are tying the knot in 2010, you have lots of options and choices. There are fairs and events 365 days a year to keep you interested, looking and choosing. One such event is coming up and you should try and get yourself to go there with your girlies !

The dope!

Dio’s at Tardeo right next to the famous Sardar Pavbhaji, close to Cr1 Mall

It’s a preview of Vivaah showcasing exquisite wedding decor with wine & cocktails. 6pm onwards – today ! RSVP 6744 6969


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