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Kiss me quick ! February 26, 2010

When I was a little girl, I had a beautiful book given to me by my mom (I had so many story books as a child that I need to thank my mom and give her a big hug for that. You name a fairytale and I had it) and it was called “The Princess and the frog”. I remember reading it very often as more than the story I quite liked the colorful images of the beautiful princess, the innocent frog and how he turned into a Prince. It was very exciting for me as a little girl to read the book, flip the pages again and again and marvel at the interesting tale (never wondered what it would mean to me when I grew up), the pretty pictures etc. And now that am all grown up, I get to be a little girl once again – as The Princess and The Frog is releasing at a theater near me! 🙂

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

It’s truly magical time for us girls. The Princess and The Frog is releasing and so is Alice in Wonderland (Please don’t be corny and say who the beep is Alice) – Gosh! We are on fire! What else? It’s Holi time too and I hope there is a splash of brightness and beauty in your world..!

P.S. Remember how most of us got titles on the farewell night at school? You want to know what I got? “Alice in Wonderland” ! 🙂


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